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Obituary for Richard J. Wilson

Richard Wilson Sr. (58) of Broad Brook CT known by most as Rick, Ricky, or big Rick passed away unexpectedly on 12/18/2022. Rick was born to his parents Marie Anna Tomaro (Moore) and William (Bill) Wilson on August 30th 1964.

Rick graduated from East Windsor high school. After high school he quickly built a family having two children with his high school sweet heart. He quickly went to a trade school with his sights set on becoming a lineman like his father. After completion he went straight to work for CL&P where he worked as a lineman for many years. Rick eventually moved on from CL&P to be a successful roofer/laborer. After many years doing hard labor, Rick resigned due to medical conditions.

Rick was a one of kind comical character that simply cannot be described. He was stubborn as a bull many might say about him. A man of primal instinct others could say. He's made mistakes as many of us do along this road called life but those mistakes didn't define him. Rick had a wild, goofy, and softer side to him that those close to him loved and adored. Rick always had a big heart, often hidden beneath the guise of his tough exterior. A man who wouldn't hesitate to give you the shirt off his back if need be or give you his last dollar. Rick had so much personality that radiated through even when he was in excruciating pain, he could still manage to put a smile on your face. Rick greatly enjoyed the outdoors fishing, hunting, camping, going on walks, looking for eyeballs in the woods at night with his flashlight, or just sitting outside enjoying the peacefulness of nature. Must add that he also had a bit of chef in him too as he made the meanest homemade meatball supper that everyone looked forward to him making. He would often credit those famous meatballs & sauce as well as that mouth watering lasagna of his from watching his mother cook.

Rick spent a lot of time with his grandchildren, son, and daughter. He wasn't the most technically savvy guy and would often bombard his kids & grandchildren with how to do something most would consider easy to do on his "stupid smart phone" or how to do something with the TV like pulling the menu up or how to turn off the subtitles for him that he accidentally turned on. Moments they wouldn't trade for anything in this world. Rick could often be spotted down at the filterbeds scratching lottery tickets waiting for a fish to bite with a coffee in hand spending time with friends. He also enjoyed watching his Dallas cowboys, New York yankees, quoting rambo, drinking coffee and blasting his rock n roll "bottom line".

Rick fought a hard fight for many years ranging from almost every medical condition you could think of baffling doctors and specialist over the years. Rick would often say "he ain't taking me yet" or "yup, still alive". To say Rick was a strong man and a fighter would be an understatement.

Rick is survived by his daughter Krystal Williams and her husband Jeremy, his grandaughter Brianna Williams, his three grandsons Dillion, Hunter, and Ethan Wilson, His two brothers Thomas Wilson and William (Bill) Wilson, his many nieces and nephews, his bonus family the Cuviers; Michele (mother of his children), Dawn, and Dale. And last but not least his many, many friends.

Rick was predeceased by his parents Marie Tomaro (Moore) and William Wilson, his son Ricky Wilson Jr, and a man who he respected highly and treated like a father Jack Cuvier.

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